There are many “wealthy” houses that are scattered across the world, yet only a selected amount get featured in commercials. The massive 13,000 sq ft house on Sunset Plaza Dr in LA can be seen in the 2014 commercial for Cadillac’s new model, the ELR, which is introduced by the assistance of actor Neal McDonough. The house can also be seen in the 2013 commercial for Adidas, featuring basketball pro Derrick Rose. With the ideas that both commercials emphasise and the 1.1 acre property all mushed together, you have the reason as to why this house in particular was chosen.

While the 8 bed and 9 bath estate is currently listed as not for sale, the Zestimate dictates that it can go for alittle over $19 million. And right you are if you’re saying “Man, this house must have everything.” It’s got centralized AC, attached and detached parking, full kitchen appliances, office, recreation room, walk-in closet, BBQ area, pool, hot tub, and gated entrance.

Address: 1232 Sunset Plaza Dr, Los Angeles CA 90069