Shining Girls, Elisabeth Moss doesn’t know what—or who—to believe. 

The Emmy-winning actress stars as Kirby Mazrachi in the Apple TV+ limited series, a journalist who puts her career on hold in an attempt to solve her own traumatic assault. 

Thanks to the help of Dan Velazquez (reporter), played by Wagner Moura, Kirby begins to wonder if the murder of a girl named Julia is linked to her own case in this exclusive clip from the series’ April 29 premiere.

She said, “The detective called my in.” “They believed it was the same person.”

Dan has joined forces with Kirby to try and solve the crime. “What Julia did, they are trying to do the same to you?” He inquires.

Kirby tells Dan that she has been digging behind the partner’s back. Kirby said to Dan, “I was cut like Julia.” It was in your notes that I saw.”