Eddie RedmayneHe stated that, if offered the lead role in The Danish GirlHe “wouldn’t accept it now” today.
Interview with The Sunday TimesThe actor at 39 years old reflected upon his roles in the Oscar-nominated movie six-years after it was released. The actor said, “I made that movie with the best intentions.” He added, “But, I think it was an error.” Based on true events The Danish Girl starred the Oscar winner as Lili ElbeA transgender female who had undergone gender confirmation surgery for the first time in 1930.
He stated, “The larger discussion on the frustrations about casting is because many don’t own a table at the tables.” There must be some leveling, or we will keep having these arguments.”
After its publication, The Danish Girl, received industry accolades but also substantial criticism from audiences. Alicia VikanderLili’s husband was Lili, played by. Gerda WegenerThis year, he addressed criticisms of the film.