CelebHomes Illustration by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images For Disney

12 a.m.After a night out, she was wired up and stressed about whether or not she had said all she wanted. “I think I just fell asleep with an episode of…” FriendsJennifer muses. It is important to find something that comforts you and calms your nerves.

Right now her thoughts are dominated by just how stoked she is for the world to see Encanto and Disney’s next sure-to-be-an-earworm-of-a-song, “Dos Oruguitas.”

It’s difficult to pinpoint what makes her most excited to share with people. Miranda, a genius composer and Miranda herself, is certain that the music ranks high. Germaine Franco. “Her score, in some spots, I was like, ‘I haven’t heard anything like this before,'” Jennifer muses. “You Feel it.” The celebration of Colombian culture and family is the last. She says, “Everyone will discover themselves.” You’ll feel like ‘My sister is Luisa. “My brother is the Camilo.

It’s mostly a joyful movie. The movie is funny, very entertaining and deeply moving. It’s family. It’s family. It’s a celebration.