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Doesn’t it feel like summer just flew by? It seems like it was just yesterday when we brought you all the products you needed to get summer-ready, and now, Labor Day is right around corner. You don’t have to wait for the Labor Day sales to come. Many brands and retailers have huge summer sales. Here’s a list of the top ones to shop.

Labor Day can be a good time to buy all your home goods. If that’s what you’re looking forward to, there are several huge sales happening right now. For instance, brands within the Pottery Barn family including PB Teen, West Elm and Williams Sonoma are holding summer warehouse sale events where you can score deals up to 75% off. Each brand has a wide selection of discounted items, and you can even find surprising clearance deals under $20. You don’t have to stop there. 

All the must-see pre-Labor Day discounts and offers on home, clothing and accessories have been compiled by us. You can see them all below.