Talent will be discovered by fans Really runs in the D’Amelio family when season 31 of Dancing With the StarsPremieres in the fall

A source tells CelebHomes News Charli D’Amelio is set to compete on the reality series this season—alongside her mom, Heidi D’Amelio

Just two contestants are included in this competition: TikTok Star and her Mom Dancing with the StarsDisney+’s debut season. In April, ABC announced the competition series will move to the streaming platform, a first in the TV world. 

Although some fans may be hesitant that the show will leave network TV to stream, long-serving Judge Carrie Ann InabaCelebHomes News reported that in June, she was excited to watch how the process unfold. According to her, she believes it would be a positive change. Some shows do not make it to the end of 30 seasons. It speaks volumes about our brand’s ability to evolve and try new things.