Cheryl BurkeShe is marking an important moment in her journey to sobriety.

A TikTok video that she posted on her channel August 14 shows the following: Dancing With the Starspro said that pro was celebrating her four-years of being sober. Burke captioned the celebratory video using hashtags such as “sobriety rock” and “one at a time”.

She first shared her story about the journey she made to sobriety at 38 years old in September 2020. Burke shared that in September 2020, she had her first open confession. Backstreet BoysUse alum AJ McLeanSince they both were on the same path to sobriety, ABC’s competitive program featured them.

“That is why I really wanted AJ,” she stated during an episode. LadyGang podcast. “Because he’s like, for me to be maybe partnered avec someone who is just like, fresh in the scene oder likes to go out. I was a little concerned just as a friend…But then, I’m glad that we’re partnered together.”