Dua LipaThe single that was the biggest hit by’s is now in legal space.
CelebHomes News obtained court records on March. 2 The copyright infringement suit against the singer, 26 years old, is currently pending for her hit song “Levitating”, which she released in 2020. The docs show that the members of the group are: Artikal Sound SystemA Florida-based reggae music group called “Reggae” filed a complaint against Warner Records and the pop singer.
According to the suit, which was filed in Los Angeles federal court on Wednesday, Dua’s 2017 song, “Live Your Life,” is “substantially” similar to the one they have been suing. Although the group does not provide exact detail on how the singer and her team were able to allegedly copy their song, their complaint states, “In 2020, on information and belief, Defendants listened to and copied ‘Live Your Life’ before and during the time when they were writing ‘Levitating.'”

“Given the degree of similarity,” their claim in the docs continued, “It is highly unlikely that ‘Levitating’ was created independently from ‘Live Your Life.'”