Drew Barrymore was honored to witness Britney SpearsHappily ever after. 

Britney’s dream wedding invitation was sent to the host of Talk Show. Sam AsghariShe also attended the 9th of June with Selena Gomez, Madonna And Paris Hilton

Drew is now giving fans the inside scoop of the event, and it seems the entire affair reminded her of her past regal role, playing Danielle in the 1998 movie Ever After: A Cinderella Story.

“What I Learned From Ever AfterDrew revealed on Instagram that Drew had attended the Los Angeles Extravaganza and explained how we need to rescue ourselves, but still desire the fairy tale. Britney actually did that!” 

Britney, who had been in a legal dispute for 13 years, ended her conservatorship in 2021. 

Drew shared a photograph with the bride and said, “I couldn’t be happier for her brave journey !!!!!!!”.”