Britney Spears is a Mrs., and her loneliness certainly ain’t killing her no more. 

One day after saying “I do” to Sam Asghari June 9, the singer reflected on her fairytale wedding and some bumps on the road to her castle. 

“Wow !!! It’s holy, holy crap We did it! We got married! Gggggeeeeezzzzz !!!” She posted the following on Instagram, June 10: It was the most amazing day !!!”

She said she was “so nervous all morning but then at 2:00 pm it really hit me … WE’RE GETTING MARRIED !!! After a panic attack, I managed to get it all together. 

Despite the stress, Britney recalled how her “fantastic” wedding team created “literally a dream castle” for the event. Britney exclaimed that the ceremony was beautiful and that the party was “even better”. We all probably fell down on the floor 2 or 3 times each! I mean come on … we were all VOGUING !!! @SamAsghari, I LOVE YOU !!!”