“He used to say, ‘Draymond, right now there’s a million doors open to you and you need to walk through those doors and foster those relationships now,” the athlete explained of using his time in the league to build as many relationships as possible. When it comes to a job, I kind of have the same attitude: I walk through doors while they are open. And that’s if I don’t quit playing the game, it will stay open.

And no matter what thresholds the Saginaw, Mich., native crosses, there’s a good chance his little ones will be following close behind. Green stated that DJ was “all over” the Warriors’ Chase Center of San Francisco. He believes that everything is his. 

There’s a reason that he is so at ease in his courtroom. It’s hilarious because we actually went into the facility today for practice, and I was using Facetime to talk with my wife,” the Olympic gold medalist said. As he held his phone up in front of him he giggled as every employee Green saw yell “DJ!” greeting.