This tattoo isn’t faked by Drake.

Drake posted a funny Instagram picture of himself and his dad to have fun. Dennis Graham‘s tattoo—which happens to be a portrait of Drake’s face. On Aug. 8, Drake wrote, “I was just sitting there thinking why you do my like this,” adding that he also added “We family,” and laughing-crying emoticons to make the point.

It’s likely that Drake doesn’t like the ink. This was almost five years ago. Dennis tried his best since the first tattoo session to change it.

Dennis said, “Hahaha! I had 16 people try to straighten it out.”

Dennis made a second comment and added: “I love, miss, and love you”.

While Drake has been known to have a few portrait tattoos of his own—such as Lil Wayne, Denzel Washington, and even his dad’s mugshot—the “One Dance” singer wasn’t the one who dreamed up Dennis’ tattoo.

Celebrity tattoo artists were back in 2017 Money MikeCelebHomes News told them that the idea was Dennis.