DrakeIs it keeping the memories of Virgil Abloh With him in constant fashion.
Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Joaquin Ganga posted the meaningful tattoo he recently created for the rapper, who has an array of ink dedicated to notable figures, including Denzel WashingtonAnd Aaliyah. It read, “A remembranceof the great Virgil Abloh done upon Drake”. This detail image shows Abloh at his back, as he lifts a kite to the sky. The photo closely mirrors Abloh’s 2018 Paris show, in which he was seen flying a Louis Vuitton model kite.
Following a battle with rare forms of cancer in his private life, Off-White founder Drake died November 28th at 41. Following news of his tragic passing, Drake took to Instagram to honor his friend. Drake captioned photos with the following: “My plan was to touch 1000 more skyscrapers for you,” I love you brother forever, and thank you so much for everything.