It looks like Nina or Bobby from Cousin Skeeter are all grown up.

Amazon Prime teaser: New seriesHarlemIf you look closely, you’ll notice a surprise reunion of the Nickelodeon children’s sitcom stars. This original series aired from 1998 through 2001.

Meagan Good, Who was Nina on? Cousin Skeeter and stars as lead character in Camille in HarlemShe is out with her gal friends at a male strip club in a trailer. The club is wilder when one of the dancers appears. Robert Richard, who played Bobby on the Nickelodeon show. Although we knew Bobby and Nina were friends in the past. This brings the closeness to a whole new level. 

Camille turns to her in a non-G-rated moment and exclaims, “Let’s have some fun, hos!”

Richard—dressed in, well, pretty much nothing—grabs a seated Camille in a chair and pulls her close to his bare chested body. The rest is up for your imagination.