Dominic FikeHis high audition was the lowest point of his acting career.

Fike stars as Elliot—Rue and Jules’ friend who struggles with substance abuse—on HBO’s Euphoria. He revealed in an interview that he nearly didn’t get this role. Why? He was on a high dose of shrooms at the audition. 

Fike had passed multiple auditions for Elliot’s role, and was promoted to creator. Sam Levinson invited him back to do a chemistry read with series regular Barbie FerreiraKat.

To get into character, Fike took shrooms. Fike said, “I began peaking as soon as Barbie and me were reading.” GQNoting that he couldn’t get it, he said so.

“I was heavily addicted to so many drugs,” he said of that time in his life. “Trying to make a f––king album in the midst of that much pressure, the drugs, my family being insane, and me being insane, was impossible.”