We aren’t in the Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore.

ZendayaShe is already looking forward to her next collaboration onscreen with her boyfriend Tom HollandIt’s possible, but let us just say that it would be darker than he used to.

Is this what the actress at 25 has in her mind? An appearance on Euphoria, she revealed during CelebHomes News’ Daily PopOn Friday, January 7. 

Zendaya stated that they have talked about the topic all day. “We were thinking, “Let’s just sneak him into the back of a shot!

Tom stated that he had been “petitioning to be on the show” for “a while.” Plus, he’s certainly not limited to the part of Peter Parker. Zendaya noted, “He did.” CherryHe is certainly not stranger to this world. [darker roles].”

For now, as she gears up for the premiere of EuphoriaShe’s grateful for him being in her life, and she is now on the second season. 

Zendaya said, “He was very supportive,” “It is not an easy time, and I need to get as much support as possible.”