It has been over two years since. Euphoria‘s season-one finale. While fans have only been treated to one special in the interim, it is helpful to take a look at what happened. AllThat was before season 2 premiere.

Let’s begin at the beginning. When Rue was born (?ZendayaWhen he (or she) is released from rehabilitation, he immediately falls back into his old ways and meets Jules.Hunter SchaferRue, the new girl in town. Rue, who left school in order to get help with her addiction, has been an outsider among her peers. This is something Jules and Rue share in their early years of friendship.

But things take a turn when Rue begins to form feelings for Jules, who hooks up with various men she meets online, including Cal (Eric Dane). 

Cal, unbeknownst of Jules is the father high school jock/bully Nate.Jacob Elordi). She only becomes aware of this development while attending the local fair, where she’s supposed to hook up with Tyler, another guy she met online and sent nudes. 

Only Tyler isn’t Tyler—he’s actually Nate, who knows about Cal and Jules’ hookup session because he found a tape of their encounter. Nate then blackmails Jules to keep her secret affair with Cal by manipulating Jules’ nudes into sending them.