Chris Pratt & Katherine Schwarzenegger Expecting Baby No. 2

Secrets, secrets can be boring if you do not tell the truth. However, we do get the why. Katherine Schwarzenegger is being tight-lipped with dad Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He made a guest appearance during the episode’s February 10th edition Jimmy Kimmel Live, the 74-year-old actor, whose daughter is expecting her second child with husband Chris PrattWhen asked by a reporter if he would like to know the gender of the baby before it was born, he replied that he did. 

He said that he didn’t really know, but acknowledged there might be some reason. I do make mistakes a lot. You are absolutely correct. Because I can’t shut my mouth, so it’s just blah, blah, blah.”

And while Arnold said it’s possible that Katherine and Chris already know the sex of the baby, he also noted he wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to wait until the delivery to find out.

They could know. “I don’t know. “I don’t believe so, because my wife has never asked me to.” The Terminator star continued, referencing his ex-wife journalist Maria Shriver. It was always an guessing game. Katherine, being a lot alike Maria, makes me believe that Katherine will likely follow in her footsteps and not seek out the truth. I am guessing. I can’t trust her.”