CelebHomes: Have you ever thought about a reboot?

AC: I would love for someone to take over the sofa. Loonette could still be my character, but Loonette has changed. This would allow you to carry the continuity of the older episodes into the new. A new, young character would also be a wonderful thing. It’s a childlike, new character where it isn’t necessary to copy what someone else did. Expand the universe. I would suggest that.

CelebHomes: What is it about children’s shows that has a lasting love?

ACThis is So Comfy CouchThis was truly a special kind of live action. The majority of children’s shows today aren’t live-action. The show’s pacing and original music were all great. It was also funny to see the creators of the show. Without straying from the truth, they made sure that both parents and children enjoyed it. It stands because the creators were very meticulous and careful in creating it.

Blue’s CluesThis is just one example. Steve Burns remains involved. Donovan [Patton], a.k.a. Joe is involved. Josh Dela CruzThe new host is a joy to be around. Again, it’s a genuine engagement with someone, including their family, but not in an overly saccharine way. There are many funny moments.