12 p.m.Andy says that the French don’t like snacking in between meals and there are no crafts services available. On this morning “I was feeling quite drained,” he admitted. Someone noticed my low mood, so he brought me salmon-arugula sandwiches. They were delicious. Then I felt much better.

This is the best scene in Lily’s next movie. Ashley ParkMindy (Emily’s friend) needs to have some emotional fortitude. Moving across the street to the Palais-Royal Garden, they shoot on the exact bench where the two had met in the pilot. He teases, “I was watching the scenes from the pilot and trying to emulate them for this episode. There’s a huge turning point in that scene.” 

But mostly he was trying to keep it together. “We hadn’t shot there in a long time,” he explains, “and we all got kind of emotional just because, you know, so much time had passed.” In the moment, it’s hard not to reflect on the time he met up with Lily last year—one of his first social interactions after months of isolation—”and we were like, ‘Are we ever going to make movies again? How do we do it? “Will there ever be a vaccine?”