Bretman rockIt’s all about the brain.

The influencer—or, as he put it on CelebHomes’s brand-new episode of In the DMs, “singer-songwriter, actor, actress, athlete, activist, scientist on the side and the newest MTV star”—has a loyal group of fans and a budding career, but at the end of the day, he wants what everyone else does: to be BFFs with Rihanna.

Bretman explained that people sometimes think I don’t DM people because I have followers. But, in reality, this was because many of the DMs I accept are just me DMing people.” Bretman shared his thoughts during CelebHomes’ digital video series. Although most don’t reply, it’s something I enjoy knowing is that Rihanna is DMing me every single day.

He means what he says when he states that every day is a good day. You can check out the sneak peak of the The DMs are down episode—available in its entirety on YouTube—Bretman scrolled through his conversation with Rihanna, revealing all of his messages to the singer-turned-beauty and fashion mogul.