It’s not necessary to give ultimatums:April Marie Telling and kissing. 

April Colby KissingerWe were paired for a trial marriage in season 1 of Netflix. Ultimatum. And although we witnessed an on-screen kiss during the pair’s last night together, April revealed that that’s as far the intimacy went.

One fan asked “Did Colby and your girlfriend hook up?” during a Q&A on Instagram Stories, April replied: “NEVER!”

Colby, who was a Texas native and my first friend in Texas after I moved from California to Texas without any Texas friends, was the best thing that happened to me. [Austin]She said that he helped me explore the city better than any time during Covid Year and convinced me to go back to Austin, TX.

April and Colby lived for three consecutive weeks together before April and Colby moved in together with their show partners. Jake CunninghamAnd Madlyn Ballatori, respectively.

Although the couple didn’t fall in love, she expressed her gratitude for their friendship.