Christina HallThe husband Joshua Hall has her back for better and for worse.

The 41-year-old realtor shared a supportive message on Instagram for his wife, the 38-year-old Christina at the Coast star. Josh suggested in his blog that not all online comments have been positive after the couple secretly got married.

He captioned his April 13th post, “This woman that I get to call my own is nothing less than incredible.” He captioned the April 13 post, “No one nor [nothing]This will prevent her success/happiness. She does not need validation from anyone and she certainly won’t allow anyone’s criticism to affect her choices in life.

Josh sent a message to his followers reminding them that social networking is fake.

He said that “some of the most memorable moments in life aren’t captured on cameras” and were not shared via social media. These moments are kept secret and shared with their loved ones.