Whatever the occasion may be, the Beyhive will have it. Energy.
Let’s take this example. Songwriter Diane Warren There she was, on the receiving side of all that shade. Beyoncé fans. Why? It seemed that the songwriter was calling out Beyonce for her latest album. RenaissanceEach of the singles has many credits such as “Alien Superstar,” featuring a list that includes more than 20 writers.

Diane—who is known for penning hits for Cher and Celine Dion, as well as Beyoncé herself—tweetedOn Aug. 1, “How is it possible to have 24 writers on a single song?” [rolling eyes emoji].” She was quickly followed-up by writing“This isn’t meant to be shade. I’m just curious,” addedIt’s more than 23 times as many as are in mine.

Twitter users didn’t like it. They believed Diane was talking to a hit song from. RenaissancSeptember 29 was the last day of e.

“It’s quite simple,” one user wrote. All original composers get credit if you include multiple tracks in a new recording.