Tarantino had previously stated his opinion. DeadlineKruger had heard him explain his technique in detail to her and she allowed him to choke her.

“When you did Inglourious BasterdsDiane was there, so I called her and said that I would strangle him. In a 2018 interview, he said it looked like an ordinary movie strangulation if the man is just holding your neck with his hands, and not exerting any pressure. “What I would like to do — with your permission — is just…commit to choking you, with my hands, in a close-up. It takes us about thirty seconds to do this, then we stop. If it is necessary to repeat the process, we will. That’s all. Is it time to be committed to getting a good look?”

Tarantino said that “We did it our two times and…Diane replied, OK, if necessary, you may do it again.”