Colorado is a beautiful state with some very desirable homes on the market, which you can rent through Great Colorado Homes’ Colorado Springs real estate. If you’ve decided to rent a property in Colorado, you may be wondering how you can make space feel more like home.

With these tips, you can start creating the best environment possible depending on your personal taste. 

Add plants

If you’re spending time in a summer rental, plants will especially add a unique element to any home. Placing lush green plants by windows, on windowsills, or shelves is a great way to make your environment feel more positive and alive. Find a sunny room, picture where they would look the best, and find the right plants for the job.

Some of the best options are jade plants, aloe vera, passion flowers, prayer-plants, snake plants, and peace lilies. Greenery works best when placed in white settings, so keep color in mind as you set up your plants. 


Change the blinds

There are many variations of blinds; they can add a lot to the interior design of your rental. For example, wood blinds can give your home a more rustic and authentic atmosphere. You can match the shade of your wood blinds to the walls of the room or allow them to stand out in contrast. 

Bamboo blinds are stylish and very light, making them a great choice for all kinds of windows. If you’re looking to control the natural lighting of a room, you can use vision blinds that allow more sunlight in. Vision blinds work well on large windows and even glass doors. 

Switch out the lights

At first, the light fixtures in your rental may not be as attractive as you’d like. You can easily swap these out for some more appealing options, like a flush mount light or a minimalist design. Bedroom ceiling lights are often noticeable, so making a fashionable statement can make all the difference.

The right ceiling light will complement the entire room and make it more interesting to the eye. 


Add matching decorations to furniture

Adding handmade throw pillows to your couch makes your rental appear more personalized and authentic. As decorative pieces, throw pillows that match your overall room design to improve the look of your living room. By adding a matching rug or carpet, the harmony of your design is greatly increased. 

Also, feel free to place art that fits the room you pick, like a blue and white painting in a largely blue room. When your room’s design seems intentional and well thought out, it will be appreciated. 



There are many ways in which you can fill your new rental, but it ultimately depends on the designer. You may prefer orange over blue or minimalism over fancy decorations. The options are endless when it comes to decor, so you should do as much searching as you find necessary. 

Your house should appear as you want it to, and there’s nothing stopping you from creating your personal vision.