“I really enjoyed my time here.” The HousewivesShe shared. It was great to get to know these women and to be able to share that bond. You know what? I am still a huge fan.

While Denise RHOBHWhile the future of her career is uncertain, she will soon be starring in Amazon Freeze’s first original movie. Amazon Freeze’s debut original movie stars She. It’s okay to fall in loveThe film premieres on July 15th. It follows Brenda Song Aaron O’Connell as competing co-workers who catch feelings for each other over text, unaware that the other is the person on the other end.

Denise, Debra’s boss in the film’s romance leads said that “I loved playing my part.” I love the fact that she is a powerful boss woman. However, she’s also sensitive, compassionate and extremely capable. I was determined to add that to her character.”

It’s okay to fall in lovePremieres July 15, on Amazon Freevee

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