Demi Lovato is standing tall like a skyscraper. 

Former Disney Channel star, she has not shied away talking openly about the tolls of teenage stardom as well her drug and alcohol abuse. With her album, however, she is now a household name. HOLY FVCK, Demi is sharing her journey more honestly than ever. The “Confident” singer recently reflected on her teen years, discussing how she partied to cope with her workload, which included fronting a Disney show as well as films and a music career.

Demi said, “If I have to work you like an adult then I will party like an adult,” on the August 24th episode of The. Calm Her Dad podcast. Podcast. 

But as Demi noted, she’d already started experimenting with drugs and alcohol by the time the partying started, saying she first started taking prescription opiates at age 13 after a car accident.

My mom did not think she would need to keep the opiates away from her 13 year-old daughter. However, I had been drinking already at that point. I was bullied and looking for an escape. My mom was shocked at how quickly the pills disappeared, and she immediately took them out and locked them up.