You’re most likely familiar with the ever-so generous Oprah Winfrey, or “The Car-giver.” She’s very well on her way to being “The House-giver,” after buying her half-sister, Patricia Lofton, a 4 bed and 2.5 bath estate somewhere in Wisconsin. The house reportedly costed Oprah about half a million buckaroos. But that’s just chump change for the nationally successful TV mogul. It’s said that Patricia was adopted and lived in an orphanage. Also, 3 years ago, her and Oprah finally met. It’s reported that after a year of meeting one another, Winfrey bought the house for Patricia. Oh yes, and it’s reported that she’ll pay for her college education.

Indeed, the house is nice and welcoming inside n’ out. It’s very homey, and the kitchen is very spacious. Adjacent to the kitchen is a breakfast area, which is nearby double-doors that lead immediately to the back patio where Patricia and Oprah (whenever she visits) can bond further while taking in the soothing and beautiful surrounding acreage. And why not have a little BBQ to go with all of that. A few amenities to name are stainless steel appliances for the kitchen, reading room, fireplaces, and formal/casual dining.

Address: Unknown


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