Blood played an important supporting role in season 2. He also prominently featured on Mabel’s front cream-colored turtleneck.

“We have so many white turtlenecks, all different bloody levels,” Covarrubias said of getting the stains just right from scene to scene, starting with “Bloody Mabel” being found next to Bunny’s body holding a knitting needle. An ager-dyer was hired, which she described as “they basically do blood tests where all colors and sizes are tested.”

It frustrates more than the viewers, as they don’t know who did it. “We don’t always fully know the mystery—like I didn’t know, when we were establishing that look with Mabel,” she said, “who the killer was or what the wound is, so we have to work backward from the stain.”

And, of course, “you want it to look real but you want it to read on camera—and it’s also Disney, you don’t want it to look You can also real,” Covarrubias continued. There is a lot of blood. On our wardrobe truck we have crates that are just blood supplies—and all different ways of squirting the blood onto the clothes. Is it a drip or a spray? “Is it a drip?”