Dax ShepardThe lips can’t be sealed.

His latest episode Armchair ExpertPodcast, actor looks back at his relationship with Ashley Olsen.

Dax met his partner at an event nearly 20 years ago and was “kinda thunderstruck” by her beauty. He explained this to his host. Monica PadmanTheir pairing was, as they noted, “pretty strange.”

But he stated that he loved how they and their twin sister looked at him. Mary-Kate Olsen were “f—king major bosses.” They continue to expand their fashion empire. This is a sentiment that’s still very true.

While giggling about The Row, he said that “She’s the most beautiful person.” When we first met, she put all of her effort and attention into making that happen in a huge way. She actually let me meet design teams, and I even ran her s-t.

He’s also married. Kristen BellAnd she dates Louis EisnerHe wouldn’t mind to be platonically reunited.