Dax Shepard And Kristen BellIt may look like #couplegoals but it’s been a long journey.
The couple shared candid answers to rapid-fire questions during the Nov. 3, episode of Drew Barrymore Show. When Dax was asked about the most recent, he replied: The Good Place alum got jealous, it prompted a major revelation.
Dax stated that “my wife is incredibly confident, as should she be”, Drew Barrymore. “There was a lot jealousy at first of the relationship, but for very good reasons.”

Dax stated, “I had been in an unmarried relationship for nine years.” Star Dax, who has been open about his sobriety, said, “I was blacked-out a large chunk of my life.” You know, there were many things for her concern.

The couple, who first began dating in late 2007, are married since October 2013. “I would say that once we got married, something changed for me,” Dax said. “And I find them to be incredibly charming.” NotThis is a hot characteristic in a partner and it is called jealousy.