For Davina, she found the rumors to especially upsetting given that Christine had a “horrible” childbirth experience and nearly lost her life welcoming her son.

Davina stated, “I don’t want to lie about things I don’t understand about. But I’ll defend the information I do have.” Davina said, “She was really pregnant” and her child did indeed come home. This part, regardless of whether people are supporting or against her, is 100% true.

Christine welcomed her first baby with her husband. Christian RichardThe traumatic birth was revealed by Christine in May. Christine, two months later, admitted that she was almost done with the pregnancy after discovering her baby boy’s umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. Christine had to have an emergency C section.

She shared her Instagram story recalling that the surgeons did not have enough time to count their instruments before they stitched me up, as she was flatlining. They ran me through an X-ray machine right after my surgery, to make sure there were no tools in my body. Both my surgeons and the doctors saved me.