Normally, you’d read or hear about basketball stars and legends living away from the home state of their current or former team. But, with a track record like David Robinson’s, who could blame him. Robinson played for the San Antonio Spurs for 14 years. During that time, he earned a wide number of accolades. Robinson may’ve been retired for a decade. But, he just couldn’t move away from San Antonio, or the Spurs for that matter. Now, he may’ve gained the strength to finally start anew. His estate on Winding Lane is up for sale for $3.695 million.

Robinson’s house is nothing that’s shy of “ballin’.” It’s got a full-length basketball court w/ nearby BBQ grounds, and a full-length volleyball court. Near the baskets and volleyball net is a large 3-car garage. The house itself has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, complete with a furnished master kitchen, laundry room, fireplaces, outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace, large swimming pool, personal sprinkler system, and centralized AC. Whether it’s day, night, warm, hot, or cold. Robinson’s stucco-style estate is one to have a big BBQ at. Don’t be concerned about limited seating. The poolside areas can take care of that easily. Also, the house is high speed internet ready. So cool!

Address: 206 Winding Ln, San Antonio TX 78231