Dave Chappelle is speaking out after recently being attacked onstage. 

Two days after he was assaulted by a man during his stand-up at the Hollywood Bowl, the comedian returned to the stage to perform a secret show at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles on May 5. The comedian spoke out about the incident, and how it affected him for the very first time. The Hollywood Reporter.  

Recall the experience The Chappelle Show star, 48, shared that, during the attack, he was unable to see the man’s face but grabbed a hold of his hair. According to the outlet, Chappelle recalls being hugged by his son after it ended. He told him that he loved his father and had put his arms around him.  

The outlet reported that he also thanked those who reached him following the incident and shared, “A lot many people love me.”

The fight took place during Chappelle’s May 3 show. An audience member rushed to the stage and confronted Chappelle.