DaredevilIs the MCU’s cat with nine life.

The new series is based on Matthew Murdock, an attorney and vigilante who works night shifts. Disney+ is working on Daredevil, says the network. Variety

It’s the perfect idea to be a DaredevilAfter reboot, things picked up speed Charlie Cox—who played the titular superhero in Netflix’s Daredevil for three seasons from 2015 to 2018—made a buzzy cameo in 2021’s Spider-Man has no way home in a scene alongside Spider-Man (Tom HollandHappy!Jon FavreauAunt May (Marisa Tomei). 

Furthermore, Vincent D’Onofrio—who played Wilson Fisk (a.k.a. Kingpin) in the Netflix series—recently reprised the role in the Disney+ series Hawkeye.

“I was so happy that Kevin [Feige]I was asked to go in and help. [the role again]CelebHomes News spoke to D’Onofrio about his return as Kingpin. It was very much like when I created Daredevil’s character originally. It’s thrilling. It’s thrilling.

We think all these dots seem to align pretty well. Daredevil fans!