Showering Daphne Oz with love has never looked—or tasted—so good. 

The competition heats up for a new season MasterChef Junior, Gordon Ramsay is making sure the show marks his fellow judge’s pregnancy journey with a delicious challenge.

“We’re celebrating a very special milestone in Mrs. Daphne’s life,” he said in an exclusive sneak peek of the April 14 episode. The arrival of her baby. “We’re throwing the best baby shower ever!”

Before the 12 contestants are divided into two teams—girls vs. boys—and tasked with creating the ultimate savory and sweet balanced meal for guests of Daphne’s event, fellow judge Aarón Sánchez has a big surprise.

“I need to be open,” he said. He said, “I have been trying to figure out what gift I should get you.” “I think I have the right gift for you.”

It’s not an airplane or bird, ladies and gentlemen. It is a unicorn. “Are they kidding me?” Eight-year-old contestant CruzIn awe. “I believed unicorns had died out, but I was wrong.”