Danny DeVitoDropped a brrrrrrrrrrrn-utally open take on Colin Farrell‘s Penguin performance.

If Vanity FairDeVito was hooked up to a lie detector, and he had his own child Lucy DeVitoAsk him some tough questions about Batman’s cinematic universe. The legendary actor who played Penguin in 1992’s Batman film. Batman ReturnsHe could not help but tell his truth.

“What do you think about the Penguin?” Lucy asked the question as she slid over Farrell’s photograph of him playing Penguin in 2022. Batman.

Colin is my favorite. Danny said that he’s a great guy. My Penguin was even better.”

Danny had a chuckle and then asked the test administrator “Was it the truth?”. She responded “You were telling truth.”

The following are some of the highlights. Philadelphia’s Sunny Days are Always SunnyStar was certainly serious about what he stated, but he tempered the blow with “Good man.” Colin is a nice guy.”

If it makes Colin feel any better, Danny didn’t exactly have kind words for any actors outside of Batman Returns.