Danny BonaduceHe keeps his head high. 

After taking two months off his radio station to concentrate on his health, the The Partridge FamilyActor opens up for the first-time about his mysterious illness. 

On the Good Morning America episode, he stated that he couldn’t move at all. Amy Railsback noted something wasn’t right with his speech on June 27, 2007. She looked very nervous. “She looked really nervous.”

He stayed in hospital for five more days after she called an ambulance. After testing, doctors ruled out that he had suffered a stroke—but exactly what went wrong remains unknown.

He recalled, “I had witnessed my father have a stroke. It was the exact same thing.” “I couldn’t walk. My balance was impossible. I was very bad at slurring. I didn’t know what to do.”

His words were: “I was waiting for a diagnostic,” he said. “But I didn’t get one.”

Today, however, he’s back at work—and hopes his followers learn from him. He said, “Take the time to think about your health.” said. “Pay attention.”