Before the story begins Daniel Radcliffe is revealing how he got chosen for the role. 

It Harry Potter star has dropped the wand and picked up the accordion to star as “Weird Al YankovicIn the Roku Channel’s forthcoming biopic Strange: The Al Yankovic Story

Yankovic cast the 32-year old actor as his lead role. Radcliffe stated recently, “When Al spoke with me for the first time,” The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon“I was like, “I was like,” I said.

Radcliffe’s November 2010 TV performance was the catalyst for this miracle. Tom LehrerOn the other hand, he has “The Elements” Graham Norton Show.

“I sang next to ‘The Elements. Colin Farrell And a little bemused RihannaHe said, “Who was that kid?” Al was probably thinking, ‘This man maybe gets it. It was so [he]”I was chosen.”