This is the way to age gracefully.

On Nov. 9, Cynthia Nixon I posted this sweet message to the legend actress Vanessa RedgraveShe is her ultimate role model and Sarah Jessica Parker

“Sarah Jessica Parker (@sarahjessicaparker) and I learned from the incomparable Vanessa Redgrave. We speak of her often—her talent but also her kindness to us little girls. All these decades later we are still doing our best to ‘walk and talk’ in her footsteps,” she wrote on Instagram.

First pic: Sarah and Cynthia walk close together at the HBO Max’s set. It’s as Simple As That. Flashback from 1982: The second picture is the flashback image. My Body is My ChildThe film starred all three of the women in it.

“Amazingly we are older now than she was then,” Cynthia continued, “and feel so lucky to have aged in this business and met up again with Carrie and Miranda in their mid-fifties, as we are in ours.” 

Cynthia proudly states on Instagram that she is now older than her husband and feels so fortunate to have met Miranda and Carrie in their mid-fifties and are still in touch with them.”