The recent changes in cannabis restrictions in the U.S. seem to promise even more change in the near future. In fact, the trend is definitely moving towards less restrictions across the nation.

As it stands now, 42% of all states have legalized recreational marijuana as it is big business.  59% support medical and recreational use. Of the 37 states that have approved medical marijuana, 11 of those have also approved CBD oils and small amounts of THC. Indeed, while recreational use is legal in such states as California and Maine, CBD is fully legal in 17 states and conditionally legal in 33. Numbers such as these have experts predicting change is coming. Certainly, fewer restrictions for CBD are forecasted, especially at the state and local level.

In fact, experts such as Paul Armentano, Deputy Director of NORML, have gone on record that “[legalization] victories have almost exclusively all been at the state and local level,” and that he expects “that trend to continue in 2023.” President Biden also has not hesitated to share his opinion that “sending people to prison for possessing marijuana has upended too many lives and incarcerated people for conduct that has many states no longer prohibit.”

Certainly, there is much in upcoming legislation to keep an eye on. For example, research points to states such as Florida, Ohio, and New Hampshire poised to approve recreational marijuana by 2030. Federal regulations seem to be in flux as well, with more than 50 federal bills introduced in 2022 alone. There is much to watch as the  future of cannabis legislation unfolds.

Cannabis Legislation by State