Crystal Hefner“Healing” for the brain.

She was a former Playboy Playmate. Hugh Hefner has shared a new update on her mental health journey in an Instagram post on Monday, Feb. 7.

Crystal stated, “So glad to have discovered the last piece in my healing process.”

Crystal, pictured in a series photos, was seen next to Dr. Daniel AmenDr. ; psychiatrist and brain disorders specialist, director at the Amen Clinics.

According to the 35-year old model, it is a good idea to dig deeply and figure out why you’re having trouble with your mental health. There are many options to make yourself feel better.

Crystal explained, “Small changes can make a big difference.”

She wrote, “I feel really trapped in my head for so many years that it’s nice know there are methods to heal.” It’s also comforting to know that past traumas have had an impact on my brain.