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Underwear that is more sexy tends to be more uncomfortable. Conversely, underwear that’s more comfortable tends to be cuteer. There’s no reason to have both comfortable and sexy underwear. We went on a mission to find undies that were the perfect mix of both sexy and comfortable, and lucky for us, we found exactly what we were searching for on Amazon. 

For instance, this pack of lace bikinis are an Amazon shopper-fave with over 1,500 five-star reviews. According to reviewers, they’re super soft, very well-made and just cheeky enough to be sexy without showing too much. If you want to take advantage of an amazing deal, this variety pack of 20 colorful lace thongs are on sale for just $30. The thongs have received over 15,6000 5-star reviews. 

These options, in addition to being stylish, comfy, and well-reviewed by Amazon reviewers are very wallet-friendly. Check out these options if youre in search of new undies.