Courteney Cox is learning that things aren’t always what they seem—at least not in Shining Vale, Connecticut.

Enjoy this exclusive clip taken from the Episode 13 of March 2013. Shining Vale on STARZ, Pat—played by Cox—is having an embarrassing time in a drug store. We’ve all been there.

Robin is Pat’s real-estate agentSherilyn FennShe’s surprised by a surprise while trying to put on lipstick.

Pat, Terry, and Robin sell Shining Vale to them.Greg Kinnear).

“Is there anything that I have not mentioned about the house you bought us?” Robin asks Pat.

Robin, ever the perky realtor has an answer to everything. She insists, “Ofcourse she has stories.” Every life has a story! Old clocks, secrets! Broken lockets! Hidden staircases!”

These are not the only ones. Nancy DrewTitles,” Pat asserts.

Being a bookworm is a great idea!