Courteney CoxA new muse has emerged. You can find them here her—and we’re not sure if that’s a good thing.

STARZ has released the trailer for their upcoming horror comedy, which was unveiled on February 9, 2009. Shining ValeCox is the star of this movie. Greg Kinnear and Mira Sorvino. The series, which premieres March 6 with two new episodes, follows PatAnd Terry Phelps (Cox and Kinnear, respectively) as they cash in their life savings and move from Brooklyn, NY to an old Victorian mansion in Shining Vale, CT. Why? After Pat’s affair with Frank (the young handyman), this is their final attempt to save their marriage.

But things go from bad to worse after they find out that there was a triple murder-suicide in their new home and that it may be haunted. 

Terry, Terry’s family assures him in the trailer that “Hey guys! This move will be great for us.” 

Pat replied, “Probably not.” She’s not mistaken. 

Pat, who is settling in to their new house with her family, tries to adapt to rural life and hopes it will allow her to find her “muse”, as a writer.