Lights, camera, action.

The unique coaching of a sex coach is a valuable tool for five couples who are facing different problems in their bedroom. Caitlin V.CelebHomes News Exclusive First Look at Sexy GoodnessDiscovery+’s Aug. 19 premiere of the documentary, titled “The Future is Now”.

Caitlin explains in the trailer, “My calling in my life is to help others have better sex.” After a decade coaching clients, I realized that the reality of what is happening in the bedroom was not always the whole story.

Caitlin then takes control of the situation.

She said, “I came up with an innovative approach.” “I have asked my clients for cameras to be installed in their bedrooms.”

It doesn’t matter what works.

Sexy GoodnessThe streamer said that the streamser describes “couples who experience everything, from excessive masturbation to erectile disorder and mismatched sexual libidos” Some couples get to assume an erotic personality, and others have to learn how to communicate with each other or swap their roles as initiators.