Big SkyThis is the time to be fancy.

Grammy-winning actress and Golden Globe nominee, three-time Grammy Winner Reba McEntire has joined the cast of the hit ABC drama’s third season, CelebHomes News confirms.

Reba will portray Sunny Brick, the mercurial Matriarch of Brick Family. Sunny is a backcountry outfitter who has a history of disappearing customers. Big SkyBased on the C.J. C.J. novel series Highway.

It’s in its second season and follows private detective Cassie Dewell.Kylie BunburyJenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick) as they investigate a mysterious car crash, will feature an appearance from SupernaturalAlum Jensen AcklesIn the Season Finale on May 19. 

Jensen, who plays temporary sheriff Beau Arlen, will return as a series regular in season three. The SopranosAlum Jamie-Lynn SiglerIn season 2, Tonya played the role of a waitress in a small town. Tonya’s boyfriend mysteriously disappears. Tonya will return in season 3 as a regular. 

Reba has some company!