While you might think that something as small and relatively insignificant as window blinds in Liverpool couldn’t possibly make a difference when it comes to selling a property, in fact, you couldn’t be more mistaken. 

While tatty, old or broken blinds certainly won’t do a property any favours, new, modern blinds or those that are stylish and have been kept in immaculate condition, can absolutely help increase a home’s value. In some instances, they could even help it sell quicker, particularly if competition is fierce and other similar properties in the area don’t have such blinds. But why?

In what way do window blinds help a property sell for more?

There are several reasons why the right blinds could increase the value of a home, and here are 4 of them:

  1. They’re included in fixtures and fittings

If you plan to leave your window blinds in the home when you sell it as part of the fixtures and fittings (which is almost always the case for most homeowners), and the blinds are in good condition, you can naturally factor it into the selling price. 

  1. They make your property look more attractive from the kerb

Stylish blinds can make a significant impact on potential home buyers when they view your property from the kerb, and many will see their presence as a real bonus, both aesthetically, and from a practical standpoint. If they like what they see, they may be more inclined to step inside and view the property in detail, and even pay more for it. 

  1. They can make your home look more attractive from the inside

When potential buyers step inside a home that has been fitted out with stylish, practical blinds, they will instantly appreciate them and may also see them as something that they don’t have to invest in, hence saving them money when they move in. This could be the one factor that helps to sell your home, and if there are other properties in the area that are similar but which aren’t as visually appealing inside, you could well ask for a bigger selling price, and achieve it!

  1. They can help insulate your home

While not all types of blinds from Aspire Blinds have insulating qualities, some can make a significant difference to how hot or cold a room feels, which can be a plus sign for potential homebuyers. Not only does insulating rooms mean that they can stay at an ambient temperature for longer, but it also means that with less heat being lost, and more heat being retained within the rooms, the homeowners heating bills could be a lot lower. If you have blinds installed that are designed to have insulating qualities, you could even save homebuyers from having to insulate the windows in readiness for winter, which could save them even more money. 

All in all, the average homebuyer in the UK will see stylish, functional and well-maintained blinds in every room in the home, as a distinct plus point, and if there are multiple people bidding to buy your home, you could well raise the asking price, and get it!