The chicest fashion influencers can effortlessly pair a Chanel sheath with Target mules and look like they stepped off the pages of Vogue. And that’s precisely the flair Jared Seligman is planning for his highly anticipated housewares line.

Seligman is an associate real estate broker with The Corcoran Group and based in New York City, the Hamptons, New York, and Palm Beach, Florida. With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, he primarily caters to an elite clientele and represents the sales of upscale and architecturally notable properties. He also has over four years of experience in interior design. Seligman is going to repurpose these talents into a new venture: creating an innovative and creative line of housewares that will mix high-end and low-end pieces without sacrificing quality or flair.

“I’m going to have some serious meetings and revisit my prototypes that I have,” said Seligman, who is currently in the product development and research phase. He’s researching trends, competitors, and customer preferences to determine what types of products to offer. “I think I have a unique perspective to really envision what it is that I see is missing in the market. I actually just happened to see a china line from Thomas O’Brien, which I thought was amazing,” he said. “But from extensive amounts of research, I found a few really amazing types of things that are doing very well, and a direction that I would like to go in.”

Jared Seligman: Affordable Elegance

Seligman is a firm believer that even fashionistas on a budget can decorate with elegance and panache. Driven by his passion for interior design and a desire to make high-quality home goods accessible to everyone, his overall goal is to make the products within reach for all. “I would love to have sets of china that are affordable,” he said. “I want to use the word ‘affordable’ and use it meaningfully, and not only affordable for people whose net worth is $100 million.”

He aspires to create a balance between the extravagant and the austere, perhaps pairing a higher-cost, quality china set that can be passed down through generations with a centerpiece that doesn’t break the bank, mixing and matching in a way that flows aesthetically.

“I would edit the pieces from high and low and not have that be reflective on price, as much as mixing more serious and more whimsical,” he said. “And it’s really great to mix and match different styles, periods, prices, textures, materials. I love mixing fancy silver platters with a simple white, modern CB2-style plate.”

The theme of mixing and matching will carry over to the high-end division of his line. “I always try to be a little bit more unique. I think when it looks like you’ve purchased everything from the same place off the rack, it’s just not as edited or stylish as something that I think a more sophisticated palette is accustomed to,” stated Seligman.

Much of Seligman’s inspiration comes from his personal taste, which draws from classic, timeless design and the elegance of traditional craftsmanship combined with modern aesthetics. He’s found inspiration in unearthing treasures at estate sales and thrift stores, as well as antiques he’s inherited. “My grandmother made sure that I received a few family heirlooms, so to speak, and she has given me some silver with our old settlement crest and initial from back in the day,” shared the broker. “I see the most beautiful things for homes often in the nonprofit thrift store Housing Works or online. There are a million places to get inspiration.”

Seligman, who recently exchanged vows with his partner, investment banker Max Schapiro, by way of a lavish, Instagram-worthy event in early February, also drew inspiration through the process of making selections for their wedding registry.

“Each item is meant to be something that we will cherish forever. I’m actually so glad we got married at this old age in my life, because I think my taste has really evolved and it’s landed in a place where it’s in a time category and a transitional place where you could mix and match quite a bit and take things from more formal to more casual.

“Each item in our registry was handpicked and selected by me, and of course some my partner picked. But each one of them is just very special. That was a long way of saying that I really love all of them. In particular, the china sets are probably my favorite.

“Then also, I know we’re not doing gender norms these days but being two men, I wanted something a little bit more masculine and muted and not so floral or too girlie. So I have searched the entire world, I think, and have come up with what I felt are the best kinds of mixes of patterns and things]that I would love to collect.”

Jared Seligman’s upcoming housewares line will offer a diverse selection that satisfies all tastes. By offering a blend of both high and low, this line will provide a unique and versatile shopping experience that will meet the needs and wants of a diverse range of customers. From premium items that make a statement to practical and budget-friendly options, Seligman’s line will present a balanced mix of high-end and affordable options. The result will be a one-stop shop for anyone seeking versatile and stylish housewares.